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Magicpunk is a roguelite-action shooter game for mobiles that takes place in a fantasy and science fiction environment where we must recover the lost land using 9 characters with unique magical powers who must defeat strange creatures.


A glow-in-the-dark being glows like the moon, is skilled with the tools of ancient warriors, and possesses a great sense of honor and responsibility, as well as combat skills. He is very positive and usually tries to see the positive in any situation. Lineage or Helper – Selfless

Great affinity with nature. You tend to do things your own way because you have a hard time understanding other people. She is bossy and of few words, she becomes aggressive if nature is offended.

Big and resistant boy, unstoppable if determined, although he has the skills to kill, he falls easily before love. He seeks harmony in everything he does. He is not good at dealing with conflicts and always seeks to be loved, sometimes making a fool of himself in front of those who do not reciprocate his love.

Solid state water prodigy warrior girl, she is quite intelligent and has a great knowledge of history and geography, She is reliable and very honest. She is slightly vain, she enjoys being admired. She is studious, slightly arrogant but a good leader.

Girl who can control fire, agile and curious, she gets in trouble for going where she shouldn’t and is very brave. She is very creative with the fire powers of her sometimes freaking out from pyromania. However, she seeks to create things of lasting value. I want to test the limits of my fire, she experiments without measuring the consequences.

Naive boy of peasant origins, with great skills to tame wild beasts and use the tools that nature provides. He has a carefree, easy-going demeanor, peasant accent, and the simple goal of being happy with little.


Go through different worlds that give the characters an advantage and a disadvantage according to their elementsgo through different worlds that give the characters an advantage and a disadvantage according to their elements.


Nature island surrounded by many trees, rivers and destroyed buildings, meet dangerous enemies and tricky levels.

Ice MountainIce Mountain

Icy mountains, unstable terrain and unbearable cold. Winters at its best, trees are leaves and snowstorms.


Arid deserts, suffocating sands, and illusions of springs. This you will find on the island, survive the murky dunes and sandstorms that destroy everything in their path.


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